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Targeted press activity for a successful trade show

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European Autumn boat shows are back. As en exhibitor, you are aware of how costly they can be. That is why it is critical to prepare them ahead of time.

Let’s see how we can make the most of them.
Messe Düsseldorf – organizers of the wold’s largest indoor boat show – have released a 28 pages paper titled “target press activity for a successful trade show”.

If you don’t have time to read the entire document, here are my top ten points:

1- Tell visitors that you will be at the show at the appropriate time.
Having the best product or a fantastic innovation will mean nothing if public and professional visitors don’t hear about it in good time.

2- Write a press release – not a marketing leaflet
There is always a chance that a well-written press release will impress, but a journalist won’t want to wade through advertising jargon in a leaflet.

3- Simplify your message
However good your product or interesting your news, if the essential information isn’t clear immediately, your message will be lost.

4- Put headings and sub-headings
Put headings and sub-headings in the text to highlight core messages.

5- Include high-quality photo and renderings
Photos are an essential element of print media design. Images are also a useful way of enhancing and clarifying press releases.

6- Release your news to online media.
If you are writing content for the Internet, you need to stick to the following principle “keep it short and sweet”. Internet editorial departments also love good image, video and audio content.

7- Create a Press Distribution list.
It is well worth investing time and effort in developing and maintaining a press distribution lists. Even the best press release is no use if it goes to the wrong address.

8- Pay attention to the specific information requirements of individual journalists.
Ask them how they prefer to receive material and tailor your distribution lists accordingly. That way, everyone receives their information in the format they prefer and find it easiest to handle.

9- Have only one contact person.
Appoint someone within your company to be responsible for the co-ordination of press activity and act as a contact for journalists. To ensure that no conflicting statements start circulating.

10- If you have any doubts, use the expertise of a press office or PR agency.
Especially when you are entering a new territory, it can be useful to let press and PR experts do the work for you.