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We work with Shipyards, Yacht designers, B2B Suppliers, Charter and Dealers.
We can help you grow your business by developing a digital marketing strategy that is aligned with your sales goals and brand positioning.
Let us emphasize your strengths and get you noticed by the right people.

Most requested services:

- Press Releases: Creation, translation and distribution
- Social media: Instagram & LinkedIn
- Content creation: Case study, articles for blog and SEO
- Email marketing: Newsletter , drip campaign and event invitations
- Lead Generations: Google ADS, Market research and tailored outreach

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Marketing & Yachting

We are a digital marketing agency 100% dedicated to the yachting industry since 2017.

The shipyards we've worked with have been featured in yachting magazines, got noticed by customers and expanded their network of dealers.

We had yacht designers interviewed by magazines, and their concepts were published, which resulted in new inquiries for their design.

We also help companies that provide yachting services and components to grow their business and get noticed by writing case studies and managing their LinkedIn profiles.

You can also rely on us for content creation, such as articles for your blog and newsletters.
We wrote for several yachting magazines and regularly interviewed key players in the superyacht industry for an English-language publication.
We also manage an Instagram influencer profile, which has 23 300 followers after more than 1000 posts.

Our portfolio is available below, divided into various categories to give you an idea of what we can do.
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Who we are

Matteo Bugliari Armenio

I am a Mechanical Engineer, born in Bergamo, near Iseo Lake, where Riva and many other shipyards are located.
Bilingual in Italian and French since birth, I inherited my father's passion for architecture and my mother's willingness to learn new languages.

Since 2017, I've worked as a marketing and communication consultant in the yachting industry.
I consider yachting as the point in which engineering, architecture and design meet.
In our industry good communication and building trust are essential for growing a business.
I chose to focus entirely on this industry, which requires a very specific approach to marketing and sales.

One of the best aspects of working in yachting is that it allows me to travel to the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean, from the Italian Riviera to Montecarlo and the Spanish Balearic Islands.
I am currently based between in Milan, Italy, and Seville, Spain.
Even though I will be your primary point of contact for the majority of the time, I am not alone in this adventure and rely on a team of qualified and long-term partners.

Kimberley, Rosette, Karin, and Gloria are native speaker respectively in English, French, German, and Spanish.
They will take care of writing content and translating your press releases to ensure perfect grammar and clear and precise writing.

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